Alto Adige Festival 2019

Alto Adige Festival 2019

Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten

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Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten 06 février 2021, 08:00

44th Cross Country Ski Race Dobbiaco-Cortina

The popular cross-country skiing Toblach-Cortina is on the route of the well-known railway line, which was still in operation until 1962. Programme of the Event: Saturday, 02.02.2019 - 42km...

Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten 26 septembre 2019, 14:30

Let's Bake the traditional "Strudel" at Frau Elisabeth Home

Bake the traditional "strudel" with a local housemaid; while it bakes You will drink some tea or coffee and discover the local traditions! Meeting point: Tourist Office Price: 10,00€//8,00€

Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten 07 décembre 2019, 18:00

Biggest "devil show" in South Tirol - Alto Adige in Dobbiaco

Traditional parade from San Nicolo with the 'Krampus' in the center of Dobbiaco. They pass the S. Giovanni Street and go to the center of Dobbiaco. In the center all children receive a present from...

Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten 24 septembre 2019, 09:00

Guided Hiking Tour: Paul-Grohmann-hike

The Paul Grohmann path is a hike in a picturesque, tranquil valley far from major tourism centres. In 1869 first climbers Paul Grohmann, Peter Salcher and Franz Innerkofler used this path to conquer...

Tre Cime Dolomiti/Drei Zinnen Dolomiten 04 janvier 2020, 10:00

Dolomiti Balloonweek

Visitors to the Dolomiti Balloonweek can enjoy a hot air balloon flight lasting around half a day (including assembling the balloon, hot air balloon flight, dismantling the balloon, “baptism”)....

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